Everything You Need to Know About Women Abaya

Everything You Need to Know About Women Abaya

Abayas are loose-fitting garments or dresses worn by Muslim women. In Islam, women (and men) are instructed to dress modestly, and so they wear loose-fitting clothing to achieve this.

Abayas have become increasingly popular as modest fashion has evolved. Fashion appeal has become a real phenomenon thanks to their beautiful designs. In recent years, the Abaya has become popular beyond religion and tradition, and is no longer just for Muslim women.

The abaya is a flowing robe worn over everyday outfits that is usually loosely fitted. The garment ends at the feet and has long sleeves, so it fully covers the body. The majority of abayas are black, but some coloured ones have been seen over the years as well. Throughout the Middle East you will see local women, as well as a lot of expats, wearing abayas. It is now a common sight in many Muslim countries where women use it to cover their bodies, leaving only their faces, hands, and feet uncovered.

Shaylas and hijabs, which are scarves tied around the head to cover up the hair, are the most common way for women to cover their heads. Often abayas are paired with niqabs, which cover both the head and face.

Abaya As A Modesty Badge

The abaya is a garment worn by women around the world. The dress is floor-length, long-sleeved, and black in style. Abayas are worn over street clothes by women when they leave their home and are designed to be free-flowing, hiding the body's curves. The abaya is usually open at the front and closes with snaps, zippers, or layers that overlap. Each sleeve is made from a single piece of fabric; they are not stitched on separately. As a cover for the hair, the abaya can be worn with other clothing.

As a result of the region's high temperatures, dusty weather, and religious beliefs, abaya attire is worn by most women regularly.

Gulf women are among the most stylish in the world for a reason. Whether flat or decorated, it is a long flowing gown made of different colors with elegant designs.

Abaya As a Style Statement

Abayas are often thought to be untrendy by people. This is not true. With such an extensive evolution of fashion, the abaya dress is not to be overlooked. The elegant and fashionable abaya dresses are made by many brands, so you can wear them regularly and on any occasion.

It adds another spark to your look if you pair it with the same or opposite scarf. Keeping your game strong while remaining modest will help you stand out as a fashion claim. The latest style of fancy abaya designs make modest women look fashionable and elegant in everyday life. In particular, Muslim women like wearing abayas in a variety of colors, patterns, and designs that are both sophisticated and elegant. Contemporary women know how to wear stylish abayas in the modern fashion while keeping modesty in mind. Gone are the days when an abaya was only a dark black piece of cloth.

Modern abayas are created with a traditional theme but with the latest styles and cuts to give an edgy look. Abayas are distinguished by their flares, flowing fabric, and elegant cutting and sewing styles. They're essential pieces for every modern woman.

Abayas appear simple and straightforward at first glance, but there are actually a variety of designs. In recent years, it has become more common to find abayas with painted decorations, painted sticks, and custom cutting. Jackets are often ornamented along their cuffs, necklines, fronts, and backs. A flourish or glitter can be added with beads, sequins, painted yarn, ribbon, crystals, or lace.

Abayas have even been made by haute couture houses, and designers from local countries and the Gulf have quite a following among young women. The traditional and most common color for abayas is black, but they can also be found in other colors like dark blue, brown, green, and purple.

Despite the goal of modesty, women still enjoy accentuating their visible features through makeup, traditionally using Kohl for eyeliner. Another way to enhance their look is by applying henna to their hands, which is a temporary tattoo. The designs made with henna are beautiful because they are made from dried leaves.

Shelas are also worn by women to cover their hair. The Shela is usually black and very light. It is common for women to choose designer scarves, which can even match their handbags. For more traditional women, the Gishwa is a viable option. The black veil covers the entire face; it is thin enough to be seen through, although no one can see their faces. Burqas, which show the eyes only, are the third option. They are collectively known as the Hijab, which translates as a head covering.

Jewelry is a very important part of a woman's dress, so she loves to wear it. In the absence of banks, women carried all their savings in jewelry. All kinds of jewelry are worn by women, including gold and silver bracelets, earrings, rings, anklets, and more.

How do I wear an Abaya?

There are usually two types of abayas: open and closed. These two options can be worn in so many different ways. First, let's take a look at the Open Abaya.

  • Open Abaya

They can be worn over a dress, to complete a look, or to compliment a modest outfit. With so many different colors and designs to choose from, you're sure to find one to suit your needs.

  • Closed Abaya

Abayas are usually worn on their own or with a jacket over them. Closed abayas like our beautiful closed amal abaya are an excellent example. Luxury, can be worn on its own or with an abaya to complete your modest outfit.

The abaya has evolved beyond a simple body covering to become a symbol of individuality and status. With the emergence of global fashion trends as well as awareness of changes in the world, abaya designers have taken the abaya to a whole new level.

Just like the abaya, the abaya industry has evolved as well. Abayas can now be purchased at various malls, souks, and bazaars, as well as custom made by an abaya designer, which has become quite the trend in today's world, especially among the elite. Visit Hanggul for a wide range of abayas. By offering certified quality products, luxurious packaging, and free shipping across India, we give you the best experience.