Top Trendy Styles To Wear Hijab In 2022

Let’s have a look at some of the hijab styles that are trending in 2022 and the techniques to set them up.

Top Trendy Styles To Wear Hijab In 2022

Hijab! When we hear this word, we envision beautiful Muslim girls with their heads covered by a cloth. Hijab is a symbol of modesty. The hijab has gained a lot of popularity over the last few years. Many Muslimah’s prefer to wear hijab now. Seeing this revolving trend, fashion divas introduced different styles of wearing the hijab by adjusting for factors such as the face shape, the material of the scarf, the occasion, and the outfit.

What Are The Latest Hijab Fashion Trends?

The biggest stress for an all-time hijabi is how to wear a hijab with their outfit and look flawless. Read these five pro tips for a perfect and modern hijab look before we show you some adrenaline-pumping looks.

  • Make sure your hijab has a good grip by wearing a hijab cap underneath.
  • Before you choose a hijab style, take your face shape into consideration. People with round and chubby faces should avoid wearing tightly wrapped ones, and people with small faces should avoid those that are too loose.
  • You should always choose a soft fabric like silk, chiffon, linen, etc. since these are fashionable and aren't stiff.
  • Avoid overusing safety pins when setting your hijab; instead, use a decent brooch or invisible pins.
  • Make sure your hair is set before putting your hijab on. While people may not be able to see you, it is for your own comfort.

You should never believe that the two words; hijab and modern, can't be combined. Let’s have a look at some of the hijab styles that are trending in 2022 and the techniques to set them up.

  1. No-pin hijab

This style is perfect for those days when you are running late for work or class and need a quick fix. Wrap your rectangular scarf around your face, fold it a little from the front, and leave one end on your shoulder and the other on your front. That’s it! Furthermore, it's a non-mess style since you don't need any pins to fix it.

2. Side-pinned hijab style

This is generally the most common style of hijab, as it is the easiest to wear. It is easy to wear every day. Using a scarf pin, you can tuck one end of the scarf on the side of your face after wrapping the scarf around your face. This will stay put throughout the day.

3. Wearing a hijab with accessories

By accentuating scarves with a bit of jewelry, this latest trend helps to make them look a little more glamorous. Wear your rings on the loose end of your scarf or wear a headdress over your hijab for a more elegant look. When accessorizing your scarves, pick plain and single-colored scarves to make them stand out.

4. Hijab with earrings

Do you have a thing for dangly earrings? Do not worry. There is no reason why you cannot wear ear accessories with your hijab. Take the sides of your scarf behind your earlobe while wrapping it around your face.

You can also go with the turban style to show off your earrings. The turban hijab is made by wrapping the scarf around the hairline and tying the ends at the nape of the neck.. You can either roll the ends into a bun or leave one side on your shoulder.

5. Arabic hijab style

Arab women like to add volume to their hijabs. For the volumizing effect, they tie their hair in high buns (they even wear wigs for this purpose). A second tactic is to wrap the scarves around their heads. Hijab layers and volume are added by bigger scarves.

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